April 9, 2010

And finally, spring.

The day we took Beckett home from the hospital, I looked out of the back window of our (very slowly moving) car and thought, I will always tell Beckett that he was born during the most beautiful spring in recent memory. Most Bostonian's recollection of the Spring 2009 was blotted out by a less than optimal (read: cold and rainy) June, but I remember the spring. It was truly glorious. For those of you who don't live in New England, you have to understand that we don't usually get spring. Rainy, dreary, and cold can last all the way through May some years, followed by a startlingly hot summer. Where were the dewy cool mornings followed by twenty-degree temperature jumps? Why didn't we get to watch the plants and trees slowly come to life? Bostonians don't get to enjoy the systematic appearance of crocus, daffodil, tulip, cherry, hyacinth, and magnolia because we're still bundled up inside our homes waiting for our bones to thaw out.

Perhaps I notice it more now that we live in Brookline, which is significantly more green and lush and generally gorgeous than the dusty swath of South Boston where we used to live. The only green on our old block was the ivy that grew up the side of our building and the enormous scraggly weeds that forced their way out of the blacktop of the abandoned school next door. Perhaps it's global warming. But whatever the cause, this year is shaping up to be as beautiful than last year, and maybe we'll event get a decent June.

More and more trees bloom every day. I work next to the Fenway - a beautfiul stretch of parkland in the middle of the city - and the luminescent green is slowly taking over the grey and brown.

I took this picture while I was walking Beckett to school this week. It isn't our daffodil but I loved the way the early morning sun shone on the bright yellow flower. We have dozens of daffodils in the backyard now. They make me happy every time I look out the back door. The tulips will be here soon.

It was 90 degrees on April 7 - a new record. I found this sign the next day. Lemonade. 25 cents.

It was a rainy March so there is moss everywhere. I love how green and soft and alive it looks.

Beckett and I walk by this house on our walk to school. It is huge and beautiful and old and in ruins. I think people live there because of the garbage cans neatly lined up next to the house but it is badly in need of repair. I loved the lone daffodil sticking up out of the lawn of blue flowers (anybody know what these are called?).

I had a meeting downtown this morning and decided to walk through the Public Gardens on the way back to the train. It was raining but warm and everything hinted of summer.