January 28, 2010


Okay. I know. My absence has been shameful. I could say that I've been busy, with Beckett, with work, with the horrible, terrible thing that is winter in New England. But it would all be bullshit. The reality is that I've spend most of my free time googling "cheap emerald necklaces" and "finger food for babies+8 months".

Also, so much has happened since the last post, that it seems too overwhelming to even talk about. Jim keeps saying 'he really changed after Halloween'. He's right. Beckett has become a real person in ways that I never expected, and in ways that continue to delight both Jim and me daily. I'm sure that he's no different than any other 8 month (and two weeks!) old baby, and certainly no less interesting to his parents. But the 'firsts' of the last two months have been so fast and furious that it seems impossible to keep up.

So I choose not to keep up, and instead busy myself with posting video after video on Facebook or YouTube. That's enough right?

No! It's not enough. I can't even bring myself to read the first post of this pseudo-blog because I know that I made a promise to myself, and most importantly to Beckett, that I would chronicle the first year of his life. So much for that.

So in an attempt to summarize the last two months of (exponential) growth, here you go.

Beckett has produced his first FOUR teeth. We have two on 'film' (but I can't find the picture) and two we do not (because they are tiny little nubbin teeth that I have only been able to feel, not see). However, I will say that the best teething toy, if he doesn't break it, is an emptied bottle of beer straight from the fridge. Cold, hard, and great for an inapropriate photo-op.

I swear that it was empty. 
Beckett has learned to talk a bit. Not actual words, but some sounds like "da da da da" and "grrrrrrr". As you can probably imagine, his father just LOVES that da da came first and that he hasn't seemed willing (or in my opinion, able) to make the word 'ma ma'. Na na na has started, which is clearly the precursor to "NO!". Awesome!

There have been lots of milestones. He went from lying on his belly, to pulling his legs up, to rocking back and forth, to pulling his butt up in the air in a position most resembling 'downward facing dog', to doing 'the worm', to actually and legitimately (although not gracefully) crawling. He did that last night before bed, and then proceeded to wake up every couple of hours to practice. 

He started eating real food. Not mushy peas or strained chicken (SO GROSS) but cheerios and puffs and tonight, actual tiny pieces of venison chili, which he absolutely loved. Here he is eating eggs for the first time, and loved every minute of it. 

Who doesn't love scrambled eggs? I confess that I ate what he did not (something I will not do with the pureed and cold country chicken and vegetables).

He rocks and claps and sings, jumps with joy in his jumperoo, and generally acts like a happy, blissed out baby. And he is still such a complete and utter joy. We won't go into what an amazing (and good) baby he is - we don't want to be those parents. But we're seriously awesome in this little neck of Boston. I wish we could get out more and that the snow would go somewhere else, but those are all forced complaints. Life is good.

Jim and I leave for a trip to Venice (Italy, not California) in two weeks. Our friend Kate has decided to tag along. We are not bringing Beckett, but leaving him to his comfortable routine with his grandparents, who will no doubt spoil him rotten and feed him chocolate pudding. We'll miss him, of course. But it will also be great to go away and focus on each other in a place that seemed made for love. 

So I probably won't post until we get back. Maybe we'll put Beckett in one of our carnevale masks and post a picture. Stay tuned.